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A website is the face of your business for the world and everyone wants to make a lasting impression. What distinguishes one website from another? Every business has a website today but do they all achieve their goals? Just having a website for the sake of having it doesn’t add value to your business when you can use it as a great marketing tool, create brand awareness and build relationships.

Determine the Goal: So you decide to create a website for your business. Before building a website, answer a question. What is the purpose? Sounds like a simple question with clear answers but is often ignored.

Do you just want your website to build relationships with your customers and update them about the latest developments? Use the bulletin, subscribe to options.
 Are you a physical store, which wants to branch out into online sales too? Clear navigation to the store.
Or you just want to tell customers about your service and ask them to contact you? Provide clear and numerous contact options.

Key Characteristics of Extraordinary Websites: After clearly defining goals according to your business needs, comes the main part of website creation. The most viewed business websites usually have some common characteristics, which are not too difficult to adopt. Web design is a process where we can ensure a website kickass and the main things to remember are:

Well Structured Design: One of the beginner’s mistakes that must be made when designing a website is to focus solely on content and not think about how you will display it. The content must be easy to read, arranged in such a way that navigation through it is easy and conveys the destination without much effort.

Modern Spartan Design: this is a minimalist era. Your potential customers don’t want to experience sensory overload when visiting your website. It can be said that less is definitely more when it comes to optimal web sites.
        Some fonts
        Neutral, 3-4 colors
        Small image

Easy to Use from Cellular Devices: Now cell phones have become mainstream and everyone seems to have them, optimizing your website for cell phones is one of the basic and important requirements.

Fast Loading: In this fast-paced world, no one has time to wait for a website to load. Do not use large images, flash, aimless animations. Make sure the code used is light and the server can handle the bandwidth needed for your website.

Original Content Updated: Web design works in conjunction with content. It’s important to have fresh content for your website with keywords to maximize SEO.

FAQ & Contact Page: People will have questions about your product and it makes more sense to add on the FAQ page than to reply to each request. Many people don’t even bother to ask questions and just leave. Having a contact number or option clearly displayed also develops trust and reliability.


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