How Can Bacterial Vaginosis Be Treated

There is perhaps nothing more embarrassing for a woman than to have problems in her lower half ie the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis is a relatively common condition that manifests itself in the form of a smelly discharge. In general the condition is experienced among the younger and middle aged females other older women can also experience a case of BV at some stage in their life.

In brief, bacterial vaginosis is bacterial infection caused by certain unfriendly bacteria which provoke an imbalance in the vagina. The normal friendly bacteria is basically outnumbered by the more harmful bacteria and therefore causes symptoms such as soreness, itchiness, and grey looking discharge with the dreaded fish smelling odour.

Treating bacterial vaginosis can be relatively easy but it is recommended that any noticeable changes a woman experiences in her vaginal area be checked out from the offset. This can not only rule out more serious infections and conditions but also prevent ongoing suffering, embarrassment and worry.

The first step towards treating bacterial vaginosis is to pay a visit to a GP. From here either a swob will be taken or if the described symptoms match those of BV then a course of antibiotics or gel will be prescribed. Relief from the condition will be pretty much quick to come about and the vaginal environment should return to its more neutral balance within a couple of days.

Of course, it is also quite common for women to experience a reoccurrence of symptoms within a six month period. Continued use of various scented products will affect the bacterial balance of the vagina as will sexual habits such as changing partners frequently. In some cases where bacterial vaginosis reoccurs it is recommended that women are referred to a gynaecologist. This way, essential tests can be carried out to find the underlying cause to this condition.

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