Bacterial Vaginosis – What Is it?

Ever wondered what that fishy smell is down below? Worried about a change in the colour of the normal discharge you produce down below? Then here are a few basic facts you might like to know about that will answer your questions.

Many women go about their life without a worry in the world. Pamper sessions, beauty products and even just living life in general can all of a sudden be brought to a halt when we notice something different about that part of our body that we least expect to have an issue with. Bacterial vaginosis can come about innocently but it is the symptoms that it carries that lead many women to retreat into a state of shame.

Ignoring the fact you have bacterial vaginosis will not make it go away. Understanding the cause and why you have developed it, by far outweighs the shame so often felt when experiencing the condition. Caused by an imbalance in the bacteria present in the vagina, bacterial vaginosis is a result of a higher concentration of what is referred to as bad bacteria over the good bacteria. For this reason an infection develops and manifests itself with a change in the usual appearance of vaginal discharge. Because an infection is present, the condition often brings with it a pungent odour, generally described as that of a fishy smell.

Once you have determined you have bacterial vaginosis, then half the battle is over as all you need to do is follow through with an appropriate treatment. The majority of women who experience a case of bacterial vaginosis can be treated with antibiotics but where the condition reoccurs and when medical treatments fails to work, suggestions are then made to eliminate certain foods that provoke such harmful bacteria from flaring up.

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