8 Ways Pinterest Is Your New Best Friend

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Pinterest has been around a long time, but nobody ever talks about how to kickass a website. Not only is it beautiful to look at with all the beautiful images of almost everything on the planet, we believe this can replace you as a friend. Here’s how:

Organize Your Life: You will see thousands of images in the application, which will make your eyes bulging. This application makes it easy for you to create different boards for sorting pictures, and then even a section board for pinning your favorites to try later. Because who has the time to try all the pins you have saved? Just like a friend who keeps reminding you what you really like.

Bringing You the Idea: Decorating your house? Looking for a New Recipe? Failed notion? You can search for applications for the latest trends, colors and if you like something, you can use the visual search option to see more things related to it.

Makes You LOL: Just like friends, Pinterest is full of memes, anecdotes, and funny jokes from all over the internet, making you laugh until your eyes water. With the new short video feature, you can also see videos like short gifs in the application. More fun!

Bringing You to Shop: As said before, if you like something in the picture, the enlarge option allows you to select individual items and many times you can add them to your supplier’s basket directly from within the application.

Makes You Try New Crazy Things: Who doesn’t have friends who makes them do crazy things against your better judgment but you do it because that’s what friends are for. Well, Pinterest seems to have a magic wand that is used to bring out DIYer in all of us. From making us want to try new recipes to build our own furniture, it takes us out of our comfort zone.

Makes You Look Better: Imagine if you went out trying on new clothes and wondered what would happen to him? The visual search option in the application allows you to take pictures and see what other people have paired up to solve your problem.

Plan A Surprise: Most of our service plans are made with our friends, brainstorming ideas, planning decorations. However, Pinterest also allows you to make a board and keep it secret so it is not visible on your profile and only you can see it. This way you can find ideas for surprises and store them there, away from prying eyes.

Without Pressure To Become the Best: Last but not least, you love your friend even though he is a human or a loner. Unlike all other web sites, no one cares how many followers you have or who you follow so it allows you to be yourself.

Congratulations Pinning!


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