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Lash building mascara is specially formulated to maximize lengthen & thicken lashes Special applicator brush separates each lash without clumping

L.A Colors Big Lash Mascara, 0.2fl oz Long Lasting Lengthening

EYEtensity Amplifying Mascara (carded)

Maximize every lash with L.A. COLORS Precise Lash Mascara! Tubing formula and dense silicone brush provide clump-free, high-definition lashes. Removes

Precise Lash Mascara

L.A. Colors Bold Lash Black Mascara With Eye Pencil Ultra Violet

Eye Makeup - Eyeshadow, Mascara, Eyeliner & Brow

Tubbing Mascara Black - L.A. Colors

Turn Up The Volume: Create the lash volume of your fantasies with this mascara. A single coat of this long-lasting mascara adds 10 times the volume of natural eyelashes, without clumping or smudging. With a mess-free application, this mascara is a breakthrough in no-clumping technology, offering 20 times more volume with no clumping. Having plump, elegantly parted lashes will make you the center of attention! Say no to clumps.

Flawless Prestige Black Long-Lasting Eyes Mascara

Increase your lashes' length, thickness, and volume for the ultimate high-definition appearance. LA. The waterproof COLORS Volume Lash mascara is designed to last all day without clumping, globs, or smudges. This mascara that builds lashes thickens them from root to tip without running. Amazing volume is produced by the waterproof substance, which also prolongs the wear of your mascara. Use one to two coats as needed. Work your way up to the tips of the lashes starting at the base.

L.A Colors Mascara Wowie Lash Mascara Lengthening Lifting Volumizing Eyelash Makeup Long Lasting Smudge-Proof and Hypoallergenic Cosmetic Lasts Up to

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Our X Volume mascara has an extra large brush to volumize lashes to the MAX. The brush beautifully separates lashes to give your eyes a bold,

X Volume Mascara