Marie-Lou on Instagram: “Here are some rainbow nails inspired by

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Marie-Lou, Halloween has me on a deadline, so here's another nail art 😆🖤 This is a recreation of @sarandactyl spiral nails. They were so fu

Marie-Lou, Negative space Color block💗 I'm excited to say that my nail art was chosen for @colorclubnaillacquer Mani of the Month! You can pur

30 Fall Nail Colors and Manicure Ideas to Try This Season

Marie-Lou, Here's a rainbow spaceship nail art!🌈 I was looking at my feed from the past year and I just loved all the designs I did this summer

Nail Art Design, Pastel mani. I do my own nails and have been doing them for the past seven years

Marie-Lou, Nails you can see from a mile away🤪💗 This was inspired by @simplynailogical, she did a swirl glow in the dark design way back in h

Marie-Lou, Here's a vertical rainbow nail art with some edgy black drips🖤😍 I always love a good rainbow with black combination! You already

Marie-Lou, A summer-y watermarble💖 This nail art was a rollercoaster of emotions🥵 I haven't done that many watermarbles, so I'm not an ex

Lilac Nails With Pretty Rainbow Foil and Hand Painted Abstract Design, Set of 20 Short Square Shape. ONLY 1 SET AVAILABLE - UK